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Receiving credits from the age of 18, as we have seen before, is not that easy especially if you are still in high school and are out of work, but it is much easier to get this type of credit if you have a job because of a credit of 18 with The job is a much safer offer to both the creditor and the debtor, as the workplace is immediately a guarantee that the creditor will receive his money and the debtor will be able to repay it.

18 years after the Latvian legislation is the age when a person has just reached the age of majority and can start doing all things related to reaching adulthood, such as gambling, acquiring rights, marriage, alcohol and cigarette use, as do various financial activities, how to get credits for making investments and various actions with shares and currencies. But how strange it would be for non-bank creditors to be reluctant to give money to 18-year-olds, and the reason is that young people are usually out of work and will not be able to repay the loan.

But this, in turn, means that if you have finished your school sooner or have started working already in the teens then you theoretically have a lot more chance of getting a loan because you are able to provide yourself with this monthly salary and in the eyes of the creditor it is a big plus. Certainly, companies that have already stated in their rules that loans are issued only from the age of 20 or 21 are not going to give you credit, even though they are well worth writing privately and telling about their situation! But you will definitely be able to get a loan from creditors 18, as is the case with Berger, as well as some car loans, and if you do not end up with non-bank creditors, you can always go to the bank, but hardly that you will be listened to there, and if you also listen for sure, you will be demanding for what purpose the money will be used and you will have to stack a whole stack of paper.

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The age of 18 in the life of any person does not yet indicate maturity, and the human brain is still developing, so hardly an 18-year-old will be able to think as seriously as a 30-year-old. And on the other hand, if you start to take a loan already in 18 years, then you will definitely do it for your rest of the life, but the credits should be used only in emergency situations and they should be the last choice for a real dead end and hardly an 18-year-old will have this situation has arisen and it will not be possible to borrow money from parents or friends. But people are different and the world of the situation is unpredictable, so if you really need this loan then you should definitely find a job to help you get it.

Be persistent!

Credit from the age of 18 will not be easy to get and you may have to face many refusals and you may have to call your creditors yourself and tell your situation. The main thing is to be persistent and sure that you are also responsive and kindly give lenders all the information they require to increase your chances of getting credit.